Every business flop is a result of a lack of resilience.


Your business didn’t fail because of a crap product, or bad service.


I think that’s what a lot of people have a hard time understanding. What their business is founded in:


Your business isn’t your product or your service. Your business is the result you bring to people’s lives.


Which means your business doesn’t die unless you stop engineering results for your market.


So you dreamt up this big idea for a product that you didn’t validate. You create a business based on this invalidated product, you take it to market and it doesn’t sell.


And to you, that means your business is dead. It’s actually those words coming to fruition in you that kills your business.


Wake up.


Your business didn’t spontaneously combust in opposition with your best effort.


Your business is too young to not bend to your whining and giving up.


There’s a difference.


You still have room to learn a lesson and execute the original intended result for those same people who told you no before.




You go back and test other products that deliver the same result, validate it. Model your success from what’s already succeeding in your market. You launch again, and you sell.
If you lacked resilience in your execution the market didn’t kill your business.


You killed your business.