Why So Many People Buy Into Religion, Relationships, and Family

Have you ever wondered about that? Why society takes to these concepts, many of which seem so inorganic and out of place in humanity if you really think about it.

Little about science agrees with religion.

Little about our natural behavior patterns as a species abides with the notion of one life parter.

And I don’t know about you, but I celebrate and share more with my friends than I do my cousins, aunts and uncles.

The answer: people buy into religion, relationships, family, and anything that’s being sold because it relieves pain.

Some of the biggest industries to learn marketing from you probably didn’t even realize were industries, but Churches make money, Wedding Planners make money, and Family Counselors make money (as do hotels during reunion time). And none of these are “trends” or “fads”. They’ve been here, and they’re staying. You should learn from them.

People invest in religion because it offers a result that relieves a profound pain. The fear that everything just goes dark in the end. Feeling like you could spend your entire life making something of yourself on earth for it to be worthless after death.

Whether it’s reincarnation or Heaven, religion tells you there’s more to your existence than this life you’re living now.

People invest in relationships because they offer a result that relieves a profound pain-loneliness. You look around at all your friends in relationships. You see the cure to loneliness they’re getting and gear up to pay the same price they pay without even considering an alternative.

Tack on the long term goals–the human aversion to growing and dying alone–and here lies the ever common longing for marriage.

People invest in family because it offers a result that relieves a profound pain. Your family is the group of people that’s supposed to accept you and love you no matter what. Even the best friends turn out to have love for you that’s flaky and conditional. But you make it home for Thanksgiving and the same cousin is there that gives you shit and threatens to fight anyone else who gives you shit.

There’s something safe in that, something warm that feels like home. Family is a code a group of people abide by that helps you feel like you always have someone, even when you have no one.

You don’t sell a product or service because it’s cool, because it’s pretty or based on what the benefits are. You sell a product based on what pain it relieves. You disrupt a market because you’ve helped a massive amount of people with a similar pain point, not because you thought of the coolest idea.

How are you relieving pain?


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