Say Hello To My Little Friend

The Book is here, Birdtongue. If you’re serious about blogging you’d be silly to pass this up.

I’ve written for Lifehacker. I’m a Huffington Post contributor. I know what works in this industry and I’m ready to spread the knowledge.

Gone are the days of feeling the need to divvy out a million dime bags of content to make a buck. You no longer need to aimlessly talk to anyone and everyone on social media with the hopes that maybe one message out of 100 will get you a hit.

That’s not how getting traffic to your blog works. 

I’ve got better answers for you. There are systems. There are ways to find topics that are already generating interest, write headlines that are irresistible to click, and create content that compels readers to share. There are strategies to talking to the top influencers in the game and getting them to share your content for you to their following, so you don’t need a million followers of your own.

It’s a quick read and a quick price ($7).

Click here to get a step closer to your dreams.